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“Ok, are we still going shopping?”

14 Sept

Wie lebt es sich als Schwuler oder als Lesbe in Sarah Palins Alaska? Eigentlich ziemlich gut, so das erstaunte Resümee des Advocate:

“Alaskans live by a mindset of ‘live and let live’,” says former Wasilla resident Aaron Stielstra. Yet Alaskan residents were among the first in the nation to approve a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage back in 1998. “I would be lying if I told you I could rationally explain it,” Stielstra says of the disconnect, “I don’t know how.”

Stielstra, 29, was born in Anchorage and soon afterward his family moved to Wasilla, about 40 miles north, where he lived until he was 19. Despite the influential presence of Evangelical Christian churches, and the absence of any detectable gay community, he says he felt welcome when he came out at 18.

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