Iranische Hoffnung

10 Nov

The Honorable Guido Westerwelle

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice Chancellor

Federal Republic of Germany

Dear Minister Westerwelle:

On behalf of the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees, Inc. (IRQR), I wish to first of all congratulate you on your appointment as Germany’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs and Vice Chancellor.  We take particular pride in your appointment since you achieved success without hiding your own sexual orientation and relationship with another man.

We hope you will continue to champion such forthrightness as you play a significant role in the world’s international affairs.

As you undoubtedly know, the freedom which you enjoy in Germany is unfortunately not available for those in Iran who, like yourself, happen to be homosexual. That country’s laws dictate that homosexuals must be put to death – a clear violation of the UN principles and articles of law.

We therefore call upon you to raise, at the UN, the fact that Iran violates the human rights of queer people and to do all you can to help increase international awareness of these inhumane actions. The lives of countless queer people in Iran rely on the solidarity and support expressed by those who can take diplomatic actions such as yourself. We urge you to join your voice, on behalf of Germany, to decriminalize homosexuality and cease the executions of queer people in Iran.

In addition to actions at the UN, Germany can also have a strong voice within the European community. We urge you to join other European nations in offering support to Iranian queer refugees.

Domestically, there is still room to significantly improve Germany’s welcome of queer refugees from Iran. There should be an immediate updating of Germany’s dossier information on Iran and its human rights violation in order to facilitate the process by which Iranian queers seek asylum in Germany. Your country should be serve as a beacon in respecting human rights. Twenty years ago, the tearing down of the Berlin Wall was greeted with great celebration. Do not now put up walls that prevent desperate people from reaching safety, staying alive and living freely.

Arsham Parsi
Executive Director
Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees – IRQR
www . irqr . net
info @ irqr . net
(001) 416-548-4171
414-477 Sherbourne St.
Toronto, On – M4X 1K5

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